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Cybercor Solutions IT Consulting
Cybercor Solutions IT Consulting
We help businesses in metro Fort Lauderdale become more successful. Business leaders require IT to bring value to the bottom line. Success is attainable when applied IT knowledge is aligned with the core business objective. In today’s world, IT must advance the business, not just support it. IT is expected to add value by improving business performance, by accelerating time to market, by opening new markets and facilitating mergers and acquisitions – all while keeping a sharp eye on costs and quality.

At Cybercor Solutions, we not only help the IT organization run a more efficient business unit, we help the business derive greater value from IT. We do this by providing IT organizations the insights and capabilities they need to balance the introduction of new, innovative solutions while continuing to maintain ongoing operations in line with cost and quality expectations.

As our first time VIP, a limited offer. 75% off two hours IT Consulting.

(A minimum of 10 machines and one server for this offer)
We’ve delivered consulting projects for services including but not limited to the following:

Technology renovation, system migration and project management
High-availability servers and business continuity services
Business Workflow and IT Automation
Network design, configuration and installation
Wed 2.0 and CRM
Security and VOIP
Infrastructure and Data Solutions
Manage Services and Disaster Recovery
Application Services
Operating system (OS) maintenance and upgrade
IT Governance
IT Integration
IT Optimization
Organization Design

All Cybercor Solutions Consulting services feature:
  • Professional Engagements
  • Best Practice and Governance
  • Strong communication and action plan
  • Affordable rate for a wide variety of supported technologies
  • Predictable, pay-as-you-go pricing
  • No annual commitments required

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