About Us

Why choose Cybercor Solutions?

Many companies in our industry provide IT hardware and software. Some perform break/fix services. What sets Cybercor Solutions apart is our relentless mission to add unexpected value. Our team is constantly looking for ways to raise the bar, to enable your business IT to do more and your IT budget to go further. Our Solutions365 is a comprehensive approach that provides outstanding business technology support. Here are some other reasons:

Quick response 24/7/365 by web, email & phone.
We offer Fixed Cost Options.
100% satisfaction guarantee.
We offer flexibility that fits your IT needs.
We will treat you as our only VIP.
We are easy to work with.
We only provide excellence in customer service.
We have over twenty years combined IT experience.

3 Ways We Help Your Business Grow

In today's culture IT support is vital to business success. As a result, we have arranged our support services to fit the needs of your organization. We can help you in three different ways.

Outsource all of your IT support
Supplement your existing IT staff
Provide IT counseling and special project services


To provide enterprise IT service and create synergy with small businesses.


Our mission is to exceed our clients expectation by providing the best technology, people and solutions within their budget


We strongly believe in honesty, integrity and hard work; while earning the respect of our piers and associates. We champion the spirit of excellent in our business practice and strive to be a positive influence in our community. Yes, we are accountable and are held to the highest of standards.


Personal ambition is fostered and encouraged at Cybercor Solutions but not at the expense of the team. We encourage, support and train our employees in the evolution and complexity of Business IT. We believe in using IT knowledge and skill wisdom in our daily practice.

We are known by the company we keep

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