5 Ways to Boost Productivity

In the world of Business IT everyone has a full schedule. Sr. Executives and Business Owners have a lot on their plate. From logistics, marketing, product rollout, budget, strategic development and operations. IT is sometimes view as a necessary evil to run a business. This “problem” literally falls on the head of the IT manager (if there is one on staff). This person, aka Bob-the-Fixer of all things is subjected to shouldering all technical aspect of the business. Conversations such as “Bob, the elevator is not working. It’s stuck between third and forth floor again; you can fix it right?” Wait, wait for it…Bob rolls his eyes. It’s a tough call, Bob schedule for the day is stacked with meetings with product development, infrastructure rollouts, internal staff augmentation, disaster recovery, email delays and if he gets one more phone call from John as to when he is coming to fix the happy faces on her desktop; Bob will scream, again. Yes the elevator has circuits and Bob has skills but it’s best that the fire department handle this request. So what to do with the sea of medium and low level IT request that a company needs to resolve quickly? Because Bob and his team are knee-deep with higher IT projects and priorities. The answer is the Service Desk. The Service Desk is a powerful solution that solves business IT problems and answers questions quickly and affordable – keeping end-users productive. Internal customers are happy that the Service Desk is available by web, email or telephone 24/7/365. John is happy. It is flexible by offering the amount of hours needed for technical support on a monthly bases or long term. There are no surprises here, Sr. Executives and Business owners will be blissful with the predictable upfront cost. Cybercor Solutions Service Desk is staffed with certified agents that are U.S based and are quick to troubleshoot and resolve business IT issues. The Service Desk empowers end-users to be productive and brings added value to the business. There will be limited down time and more productivity. Our Service Desk provides end-to-end support for all your laptops, desktops, mobile devices and servers while striving for 100% satisfaction with our service level agreements. Some say that Bob is rude and has the temperament of a hungry wolverine. In his defense he has a lot going on. The IT department is under staffed and there is a lot of pressure with tight deadlines and demands from senior management. Our Service Desk can offset those issues and provide value to the business. We will work in unity with Bob and his team; yep we play well. And one more thing, Bob real name is Robert. He will actually smile if you call him by his real name. After all he is not a bad guy. Oh yes; we are good at what we do but we are not the fire department. Give them a call on that broken elevator. To bring IT in balance Cybercor can manage your business technology. Reach out to us and come and experience the better side of IT.
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