3 Keys For Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Knock, Knock, who is there? It’s Hurricane Harvey and his ill-tempered ex-wife Hurricane Irma. Now I start this blog post on a different note but this is a very serious topic. With the massive loss of property the loss of lives and livelihood, it is without a shadow of a doubt that hurricanes and natural disaster will cause havoc in today’s world. As a business owner, having a global contingency plan for the unforeseen is critical. We saw the effects of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, they caused catastrophe damage in the Caribbean and the US mainland. Most companies had a disaster recovery plan and it was tested when those two storms made landfall. A key question; how does a business not only survive a monster category four or five hurricane but also can acquire more market shares and increase more sales in a difficult time like this? The answer is centered on three keys to disaster recovery and business continuity. The 3 keys are Data, Infrastructure and Resources.

If you had electricity and were able to watch the news or weather during this hurricane season it goes without saying that mother nature is a force to recon with. There is no doubt that Hurricanes and natural disasters happens. For business to be successful or to survive it is critical to have a solid disaster recovery and business continuity plan in place. Not just in place but revised and tested every year. The first important key is Data:

DATA IS KING. Yes, yes it is! Most IT professional will say that have a solid back up of your business data is paramount. Data backups are one commonality among successful business. It is the first line of defense in surviving a natural disaster. Most small and medium companies that operate in a local area tends to do backups and then store the data off site. However storing the data a few miles from the office is not a sure way of having a successful path to recovery after a major storm. The two hurricanes that made land fall were huge, huge enough to destroy and flood entire cities and surrounding areas. There are other alternatives that offers greater securities and features such as online backups from a reputable vendor. Company data should be backed up on a schedule that matches the company operations cycle. One thing to note is that having a solid backup plan is one of the first step but making sure that you can get to that data is also very important. This leads me into the second key of Infrastructure.

Infrastructure: Solid as a rock was a popular term but it also applies to business continuity planning. The best option for business continuity is to operate in “stay ready” mode. Let me explain. It is best to have the proper infrastructure in place and operate the business in a state of readiness 24/7/365. This takes planning and testing to make sure that all systems are smoothly operating from a data center or from the cloud. The company will be ready in the event of a hurricane, flood, fire or earthquakes. Your IT systems and data will not be at your local physical address. All critical IT operations, system applications, databases and payroll is stored in a data center or stored in the cloud. Your company connects through redundancy security endpoints and operate the business as usual. Infrastructure should be flexible so that if a Hurricane is happening on the east cost a schedule rollover is perform to another data center located in another part of the country. There would be a seamless transfer from one data center to another. This is automatically done with cloud technology. No matter the circumstances your company will be continually operate and provide services when others are experiencing downtime. This leads to the third key of Resources.

Resources: Hurricane Irma set off a massive exodus in South Florida. This storm was projected as a powerful huge hurricane with unprecedented storm surges. The national weather service forecast that Hurricane Irma could cover the entire state from east to west coast. The governor and local authorities proclaimed that people who lives in the path of the hurricane and areas below or at sea level must evacuate. The safety of human lives is paramount. With the impending storm over five million people were on the highway leaving there homes and businesses due the arrival of Hurricane Irma. Let’s think about this. As a business owner you may have a contingency plan where data is backup and network and system infrastructure is in the data center or in the cloud. However the people you need to run the business are ordered to leave there homes and seek safety with their family. And here lies the problem. To overcome this issue a strategic plan needs to be put in place to overcome these unforeseen events. One solution is to have a small staff that is in another part of the country or another part of the world that is trained to facilitate the running of the critical operations until the impending danger has subside. Most companies have a local, national and sometimes and international footprint and needs to continue to provide goods and services to their customers. Invoices needs to be received and products and services needs to be delivered. Having the needed people to run the critical aspect of the business is vital.

It is with a heavy heart that I watched and saw the disaster of Hurricane Harvey in Texas, Hurricane Irma in Florida and Hurricane Maria catastrophe in Puerto Rico. Unfortunately human lives were lost and the damage done was in the billions of dollars. As a community it is in these trying times that we should come together and help our fellow criticizes. We encourage the support of those who can facilitate in any matter possible. As a small business owner or executive that needs a comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity plan please contact us for a free 2 hours IT consultation. At Cybercor Solutions we will donate ten percent of the finances we receive from us doing business. Donations will be made to the American Red Cross. Contact us and let’s begin to work together to develop a plan of action that will work or improve upon the plan which you have. Contact Cybercor Solutions at 954-603-1290 and we will work together on your disaster and business continuity plan. Stay safe and God bless.

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